Sunday, September 13, 2009

Following and Followers

There's this large tall black bloke who lived in the same building as me last year. I keep seeing him on the bus, in the city, and now in the supermarket. I'm worried he thinks I'm following him.

Paid a visit to the NO2ID stall in the city. Show my support, and might goto the meeting Tuesday.

Stood in the dark cemetery again whilst listening to Philip Glasss' Koyaanisquatsi and dancing like a robot. (yeah I know it's not normal) I nearly shat myself when I turned to see a fox had crept up behind me.

Who's Emobile in Tokyo ??? All visitors from Japan usually seem to be coming from the same network. I just assume it's one person on different computers, but Emobile, that's a new one..

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Anonymous said...

E-Mobile is an ISP in Japan. They use GSM/GPRS. Users pay about 20 pounds a month for unlimited access using a USB dongle that contains a GSM sim. Pretty cool really because you can then access the net anywhere that a mobile phone can be used, which is almost everywhere in Japan.

- KaraLoon