Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scummy Mummy

Today at Norwich Cathedral they held the 'Battle of Britain' ceremony. I took my seat to the side of the main congregation; it's advisable, as I knew I would slowly become angry. In no-way would I want to disrespect the British Legion. But.... There was a guy I can't name; a large portion of his speech was dedicated to how we're so lucky to have freedom of speech in England. Wtf ??? He was so ill informed. FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS BEING ERODED OR HAS BEEN ERODED NOW.. THIS DAY !!! Why the fuck do they refuse to acknowledge this ?? I kept looking for the exit, and had to bite my lip, but I tried to act normal and not offend.

After I went to the park for the 'Friends of the Earth' music event. I met-up with Tom and Chris on the No2ID stall. There was one other guy from Australia who may get involved. Dr Ian Gibson was there too. He spoke to us about how nobody will listen to the issues of NO2ID. It was good to chill in the sun listening to the music.

Waiting at the bus-stop a strange woman rubbed herself against me..Spooky ??
She was walking past and stepped sideways towards me. She stood with her body against mine and started mumbling something. I guess she was drunk, or pretending to be. She then looked down at my crotch and ask, "what have you got in there?" I ignored her comment and started telling her about NO2ID. She then started asking me questions about what I'm doing at University.

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