Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Removables and Ghost People

Woke late today at 8:45 am... I had ten minutes to take a shower and get to congregation hall. We have to write a report on Google Books and the Apollo 11 mission..

Went for meeting with my advisor Dr Ben Milner.. I really like Ben despite swearing to never speak to anyone called Ben...ever. It was hard I kept trying to mention topical subject to keep the conversation going. So scared of the lull periods. I spoke of many subjects and probably stuff I shouldn't have mentioned. typical of me, anything to avoid long silent periods.

Went into the city to buy lots of junk food with my new found wealth. I spent almost an hour watching the 'East meets East' projects presentation in the Forum's curve theatre. Part of which featured Alice the Taiko club's teacher I met last Wednesday.

Bumped into Mick the Australian guy who was at No2ID. We talked and joke for awhile and did some vegetable shopping. Heh..

Later I went with Chris to buy some beer from the Tesco metro..then watched Judge Dredd and then Final Fantasty.

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