Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dumb Question

For some reason I couldn't sleep... I got out of bed at 6 a.m. to shower and organize my stuff for going back to UEA. My bus would leave Holt at 7:05 am so I decided to watch 'The Wire- Series One', drinking tea.

It had been snowing outside and I was careful not to slip with my large army surplus kit bag on my back weighing me down. Stood at the bus stop with the real people that have to got to work everyday. Half way through the journey the bus stops and picks-up extra passengers. Suddenly a bus with a few people on-board becomes a bus with people having to stand. They had to stand partly because my bag had a seat all of its own, and nobody asked me to move it.

I went to help clean at the Buddhist Centre. Met Tom and Julian who both wished me happy new year. Tom had spent the Christmas visiting Prague and Polish Nazis Death camps.

I bought a rolling mat, some Nori and rice wine off of the market. I hope to be making some Sushi and learning to become a good cook soon.

Back at my room at UEA I checked my emails. I recieved an email telling me the database coursework had been returned an left on the undergradue pigeonholes. I was bricking it at expectig to find a low mark. Searchng the box of returned assignents I culd see people had been given 50%-60%, surely then I would get maybe 20% or sm crap. OMFG, I'm not sure how but I got 82%, I'm pretty chufed with that. But now wait to see hw badly I fucked-up Maths coursework and exam :/

Met Alex at 4pm to go see the film CHE at cinema city. We were slightly early so we drank tea in the bar. I asked Alex some direct personal questions that made him look visibly uncomfortable, which I probably shouldn't have done. I don't understand other people very well, and usually can only speak with one person at a time. I'm not good in groups. Alex a one point mentioned the syndrome Aspergers, I'm not sure if he was directing that comment at me, but I do have trouble relating to people. I blame the amount of drugs I did as a teenager.

Alex and I went to pay for our cinema tickets. I went first because I had my student card; Alex waived his card in the air at the cashier and spoke very quickly weaving the lies amongst the truth. Hence cheap tickets...

Because i hadn't slept at first I was drifting off into sleep and making strange snoring noises as I drifted in and out of consciousness. After awhile I got into the film and became more alive. It was obvious that everyone in the cinema watching thought of themselves as some kinda communist or revolutionary anarchist, I hate that. When the film ended some people said something in Spanish out loud. OK :/ In response I would have liked to have licked my eyes.

Alex didn't really want to but he followed me to Prince of Whales road to eat pizza. I ordered a 12" vegetarian with philipeanos to share. We sat watching the street and I tried to ask Alex more probing questions, it was useless trying to get information out of him. The pizza guy made the 12" and gave us a free 9" cheese pizza with extra grease. One of Alex's work colleagues and friends was walking past and came in to say hello. I think his name was John and had been a Computer Science student at UEA, doing artificial intelligence. He was friendly and seemed to be OK. I didn't speak much to him and continued to stuff my face with pizza.

We walked to Alex's house in the freezing night air. Drank tea at Alexs, then home on the bus.

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