Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If I was Eighty years Younger..

The new 2600 was in Borders. So I have bought that. I think from counting the last issues I'm the only person buying it. And even then, I'm not sure why ?

On the way to the 'Buddhist centre' I bumped into Jonathan. He was sitting outside the coffee shop on Gentlemen's Walk. Johnathan hasn't been around for awhile. he explained that he'd been away in Berlin and Lubeck. Apparently he had been staying with an old friend who is now married with children, and that, things had gone wrong, as his friend's wife wouldn't let him stay. We spoke about how people change when they take on extra responsibility etc..marriage. On a good note he showed me a photo of his new young boyfriend he met in Lubeck. He's has now decided to move to Lubeck and live. The highlight of our conversation was when Johnathan announced in a loud clear voice, " there's a porn shop on every corner." he then went on to show me the postcard he was writting to his boyfriend, which was of two naked men.

I left Jonathan to go to his meditation class. I walked a couple of miles to the University. On campus I bumped into another person from the 'Buddhist Centre.' I couldn't remember his name as we have only seen each other twice. He was on a lunch break from his part-time course he had been sent on, involving his work as a social worker. We sat outside the music school which was pleasant because of a woman practising her flute ( free live music :) I managed to quiz him on his work and on a science degree he had done. We also spent a good hour discussing Meditation and jobs that are ethical.

After finding the correct department for science I made some enquires about a computer degree. I was asked if I minded waiting in a small cupboard for someone to speak to. After waiting for a couple of minutes, having read all the posters; unfortunately the person I was waiting for was too busy.

I walked back to the city eating cashew nuts and drinking red bull. Bought a book on PHP,Apache and mysql. Then waiting for the bus home my old history teacher from way back appeared. It's hard to tell if he recognised an old pupil from 18 years ago with a full beard; he looked no different, and as I remember he was a fantastic teacher that also taught me to row. I didn't fancy explaining to him what I've done with my life, think I would rather have thrown myself in front of the bus than do that.

At home I installed Apache and Mysql. After getting a working server up I played with some php scripts.

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