Saturday, October 04, 2008

Morning Run

Went for a run at 6am. It was still dark outside, I couldn't really see where I was going. I started off energetically across the flat patch of grass outside, forgetting that there's a one foot drop where the grass meets the road. This actually turned-out to be a good thing. As I felt myself drop I performed zenpo kaiten (like a forward roll) and rolled out to carry on running. I continued around the lake buggering over at least a further four times in the mud. After, I took a shower, caked in mud.

One of the other students in my flat commented in the kitchen about the 'Silence of the Lamb' book series. She had just finished reading them all. I was forced to read 'Red Dragon' by a friend, and so, happily I was able to agree it was an awesome book.

I've sat in all day watching the news and Black Adder on DVD. I want to get the film '21'. Looks like it could be good.

Hmmm... might go for a walk around the lake, plan a safer route.

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