Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Caught the bus early into the city to get presents for my nephew and niece, plus, a birthday card for my sister. I returned to campus just in time to receive her call, telling me they had arrived and were waiting in the car park. When I got to the car park they weren't there, so I waited for their return. They had gone to look around the Sainsbury centre and the Henry Moore sculpture. My Nephew seemed excited to see me. Carrying my nephew on my back we walked to my room. My sister and her partner seemed to like the room, but the kids were wondering why it was so small, Heh.

After tea we left to go have lunch at the Greenhouse. My sister and I had the vegetarian paella, Fi, soup, and the kids some salad, Peta bread and hummus. After some shopping we returned, and we said goodbye.

Later I met with Alex to go to the 'International Students Sushi Night'. We went to buy drink from the shop, I bought some fair trade Chardonnay. Alex had his usual 'Merry Down'. We were a bit early so we walked about for awhile, then joined the queue for the party. Nobody else seemed to have brought drink with them, so I made Alex put my bottle in his bag. Someone was walking about taking photos; I hate that.

Entering the party seemed to be a process not unlike passport control. After showing ID a number of question were asked, name, where are you from? Somehow saying, Norwich or, here, didn't register that I was from England. Alex and I sat down and after some soup, the sushi lesson began.

A guy called Adrian acted as translator for a cute Japanese student who showed us how to make sushi. Another girl of about 20 arrived and started to touch-up Alex under the table. She could only be described as being sexually aggressive, Alex got caught in a sarcastic argument with her. Then Alex gave back as good as he got, and some more. For some reason she turned to me and asked what course I was doing? And am I afraid of her? I just said yes and continued on with my life. By this time Alex and I thought it would be best to break-out the booze, just before the lesson in origami. I get the feeling that Hiro thought we might be drunk, as he came over with some green tea for us to drink, and possibly sober-up.

Towards the end of the evening the crazy woman was pushing herself up against me whilst clearing the table. I got-up for the group photo. When I was talking to a Japanese girl I had met previously the crazy woman shoulder barged into her from behind. I managed to stand between them so that she couldn't do it again.

Alex invited Yuko over to my room. The rest of the night was spent watching Black Adder DVD and Peepshow. We walked Yuko home, then I walked to Alex's and back. I almost felt normal, I was walking home at 2 in the morning after having drunk alcohol..I think that's what normal people do.. isn't it ?

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