Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dress for Success

I've been buying new clothes, due to the fact that after wearing combats for a week, I suddenly realised I have no trousers to wear. So really what I'm saying is, "why the fuck have people stopped walking into me just because I'm wearing new trainers and jeans, and I shaved my beard off !!!" Just a little observation of mine. People are dumb!!!

In today's lecture they spent bloody ages explaining Logarithms. My old 'AS' revision book managed, half a page, to explain Log laws. nuff said..

Yesterday I attended the Japan Society Language lesson. There was lots of nice people. One by one we stood-up and introduced ourselves in Japanese. The guy who taught me, gave me a piece of paper with the introduction written-out. Unfortunately he wrote it in Kana, so I just said my name and pleased to meet you as my kana isn't that strong to just read fluently. There was a young girl attending, she was very brave and introduced herself like everyone else.

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