Friday, October 10, 2008


Did some work on excel spreadsheets, and talked more about Information Systems. At seven O'clock Alex came to Constable Terrace (where I'm living) we bought some drink from the campus shop, then went to the welcome party of the Japan Society. Alex knew a few others also attending. We ate Japanese food and talked to Japanese people. I had a good time, but things may have been different if Alex hadn't been there, it's always good to have backup.. I always accuse Alex of being a government agent; he has never denied it. Hahah!!! And he accurately guessed some of my Internet viewing habits. After the party we walked Yuko home to the UEA Village.

Later just as I was getting ready for bed, the fire alarm started. We all stood outside in the moonlite sky in our pyjamas and night gowns, me, bare foot with jeans and a t-shirt, it was a little cold.

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