Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Whenever you get told off by human resources at work, they will usually tell you that, "this is unacceptable!!!" Just recently for the last couple of days, I have been very unacceptable. I will become better and realise some of the things I think and do must not happen any longer. Bad M000!!! I went to the army surplus to buy lots of green German military clothing.

I noticed that the girl from the coffee shop was at the bus stop, but she didn't get-on, but, she walked past me as I got off the bus at the UEA.

I went to see 'Ghost World' today at the Odeon. It was entertaining but nothing great.

Alex and Yuko came to see me tonight. Alex has planned a dinner party thingy for tomorrow. I'm not sure if I should go. I have work to do, but I don't want to upset Alex if I haven't already. I'm such an indecisive tit.

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