Saturday, November 08, 2008

Marked Marked Man

For some reason my cheap printer didn't include a USB2 cable. You have to purchase it separately. So I spent more money today buying USB cable, printing paper, a mini fridge and fish 'n' chips. Hahaha!!!

The mini fridge, though very un-green of me, is so good. one-day I will be able to use it to transport vaccines to needy people in remote areas, on my motorcycle. At the moment I'm using it to store cheese and two pints of milk.

Had a look in the cathedral. There seemed to be some kind of meeting going on. Someone had asked the panel of religious people (not sure who they were, think vicar / nuns) about same sex partners. I appeared from the back of the seated crowd, and I think scared them, as suddenly they decided the meeting was over. I guess they probably thought I was from the gay mafia, come to make sure they said the right thing.

Been looking around Japan resort in Second Life recently..there's nobody there, like first life. I typed this last sentence with my feet.

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