Sunday, November 02, 2008

More Soup?

I actually made some applications for work today. Just small part-time work, though I get the impression I may have left things too late. I definitely need some money, I'm totally skint.

Spent some time throwing away old letters from old jobs. After everything was tidy I went to heat some soup for tonight's bonfire and fireworks. I had just bought a cheap new flask, but pouring the soup into the flask was tricky. Most of the soup went over the kitchen sink.

At six o'clock I stood outside and waited for Kuyo to arrive. No big surprise, but it was raining outside and slightly chilly.

I'm such a fool, under my instruction we walked to Eaton park not Earlham. Obviously as we approached Eaton park I realised I had got it wrong. Yuko I think knew but didn't say anything, thinking maybe I knew something she didn't. Hahah!! no chance. We walked back into campus, where Yuko took some pictures of me with my inverted umbrella and the UEA with fireworks in the background which just looked like a picture of UEA on fire.

Finally finding the right place we spent some time walking in the rain and mud. We followed a procession of people holding large puppet skeletons and banging drums down to the bonfire. As we waited kids were chanting, "burn him!!" After a long wait they finally set the fire. It wasn't very good. We looked around the fair which was crap.

When the fireworks finally started it was actually, impressive. Though the idea that I was still in Norwich spoilt it. Some dude kept speaking over a Tanoy system, which made him sound like Alan Partridge. After the fireworks we walked back-out through the mud, where I thanked Yuko and headed home, cold, wet and covered in mud.

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