Saturday, June 13, 2009


Mum came to help me move-out at 6 a.m. After making two trips home I just about met the deadline of 10 a.m. I noticed a guy from my course who's well known for being slack (more slack than me.) He had locked himself out of the building, this was at the point we should have been packed and out. Hilarious !!!

I'm back in the countryside. Land of fuck-off big farming vehicles and soft tissue paper. It's so quiet here. First thing I did on returning home was to set-up my pc. Close the door, close the curtains, and listen to some music. Still hacked-off.. Feeling like someones stolen something (moan moan.)

Now I'm back near the sea (but with no car) I hope to get some surfing done, then, let the healing begin (sink or swim ??)

Send me emails if you like. I feel like death.

Made use of my dads On Demand tv. Watched a documentary called 'Death Machines.' The most horrendous of which had to be the 'Brazen Bull.' A bronze bull sculpture that people were locked in while it's heated over a fire pit. As the super heated air slowly suffocated them from the inside, there's a trumpet attached to the bull's mouth. The victims only option was to breath fresh air through the trumpet creating a low melodic scream.

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