Friday, June 19, 2009

The Power of a Good Shower

OMG it's so good to have access to a power shower again !! No exaggeration, I could spend hours feeling clean while the water pounds my neck and down the spine. No joke, I believe a good power shower in a small way helps..

caught a lift into Norwich with mum. Mum is an excellent driver, but recently I've noticed some careless habits. She attempted to overtake a lorry on a hill and when it was obvious that we were in danger, continued to overtake. After we barely made it past safely, and the lorry driver honked his horn repeatedly, she said, "Oh, I should really be wearing my glasses !!" FFS

After tea and coffee, thanks to mum. we kissed goodbye and I left to return some books to the library.

I paid a visit to the UEA to find-out how much money I owe them. I've thought of a new job finding tactic. As you might expect, it's not revolutionary just abit creepy. I will buy a UEA t-shirt to go job hunting in, maybe then I will look less like a loser. Hahaha !! (more of a loser maybe :)

Took a brief look around the UEA library. I never found the book I was looking for!!! The problem is that I kept being distracted by so many other journals. Stopping to flick through everything that caught my eye, I could have got lost in there.

I never realised the maths dude still worked through the holiday. I made an appointment to see him Monday.

Caught the bus to the Broadland Business estate. Enquired about a few jobs and was directed to a temporary make-shift office. The office was a agency situated inside a transport container. I assume the container arrived on these shores fully equipped, office workers included. (Heh_ a bit racist :) I don't mean it, I just hate people~ XD

Near to the Broadland Business Park is the Norvic Clinic. This is where you end-up if you're mentally disturbed and fallen foul of the law. There are some old disused building there. I spent some time taking photos and exploring.

(Just recently I have been re-visiting my past, for me, it's very important that I remember.)

Through the use of twitter I found out about the live stream of the 'OpenVideo Conference.' I stupidly thought I would message Steve about it. Steve isn't interested in anything that won't get him marks towards his little degree. I haven't met any proper computer people...yet ???


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