Sunday, June 07, 2009

In from the Cold

I'm feeling slightly happy this morning. At the cathedral I spoke to a woman from Beijing. Through the service, I tried to keep the 'service sheet' in view for her to see what was going on. There was quite a large language barrier. With the help of her translator machine, I found-out she was a tourist, and had travelled to Edinburgh, Cambridge, and London. She has seen more of the United Kingdom than I have !!! Heh_

I wrote my email address and the URL of this blog on a notepad for her. Now I'm scared of the possibility that she might read and understand this blog. She will know then just how weird and slightly mental I am.

It's raining, and I couldn't think of anything good to do. If I had money, I would have liked to have taken her for tea. curses !!! Instead I shook hands with her and said goodbye :( I'm rubbish at communicating.

It was so nice to meet her.

I've just realised some interesting connections between people on Facebook. With this, and feeling that stuff in my room has been moved, or, sometimes things are switched on or off when I return. I'm not sure, I might be paranoid but I can't say I'm bothered much...

Secretly, I know I'm right !!!

OMG, I've looked further. There's a whole freaking network of people here !!! I'm going to have to map this-out on paper .

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