Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another level

caught the bus to Norwich. I noticed a new information terminal at the bus stop. I spent some time examining the interface and design. I noticed a tiny mobile phone like camera fitted above the screen acting as a CCTV camera. Half-way through my bus journey I remembered the can of coke I left on the wall. Nobody reminded me if they noticed, and I remember getting on the bus thinking I had left something but wasn't sure what.

Went to UEA library to do some maths. UEA campus seems very busy, lots of Italians.

At 17:50 I went to the community hospital for my appointment with dermatologist. I had a different Dr. this time. A very friendly woman. I took my top off and she for no apparent reason stroked my chest with the tip of her finger (it was quite nice actually :) LOL~ I gave her a sob story about not having any money. Saying, "I was a student once," she went to get me some extra cream and special shampoo for free... YAY !!

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