Thursday, June 04, 2009


I'm starting to wonder about this blog again :/ It's actually slightly embarassing that I haven't done anything interesting the past couple of years now. My English hasn't improved either. I would outline what my weekend was like for you but it was shit. Except seeing that person pass-out on a bungee rope at university, fucking hillarious. Everyone thought he was dead or something, I resisted the urge to get my camera out and live stream the event while they placed him in the recovery position. Been doing alot of running, I've started to look slightly mental again because I've got nothing to do, 'cept read AND SURF THE NET.

I did some tests with Ustream on my Iphone. Yes, it was shit... (I'm making extra special effort to try swear as much as I can. WHY ??? MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS.)

Ian Gibson MP got deselected from the taking part in the elections tomorrow.

Going home soon. One moment, let me reflect on my time in accommodation at UEA.. Disaster~ still it's a wonder I haven't stabbed anyone. I'm sure a few people thought I might.

He's some youtube stuff I found that my lecturer did research in:

I thank~You, BE SEEING YOU !!!

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