Saturday, May 30, 2009

Waiting in the Sun

Lunch time I cooked some amazing pasta with obligatory standard pasta source. There must have been the remnants of chili in the sauce pan as it was slightly hot. I'm such a good cook, and nobody knows it !!!!

Sat in the sun on a bench, out in the street for about an hour. A guy who lived in the building opposite came out to smoke. After doing some improv' dance, then smoking a joint of grass, he asked if he could sit with me. At first I thought he was probably gay, as I always have a habit of being chatted-up by blokes, never women :/ He asked how I was ? I muttered in reply okay, sort-of. I asked him if his name was Johnathon, as every time I looked at my IPhone I was getting a wifi link named 'Johnathon'. He said that, that was his flatmates name. Somehow we started to talk about Buddhism, he seemed to know a lot about meditation. His girlfriend arrived, and after greeting her she walked into his building. Dom, who had now taken his large sunglasses off to reveale some heavily stoned eyelids, he asked me to wait awhile. He ran into his building and returned with a book. He said I could keep it. Though he probably only bought it for 30p at a jumble sale, I was really pleased. I thanked him and shook his hand. he then left to go see his girlfriend. Dom said he had been to university to do Philosophy. Why is it everyone I meet is a Philosopher, or teacher ??? Heh_

I was feeling fairly positive after my little encounter with Dom. Earlier a bad thing happened :/ I think you could guess what.. And I have no regret.

Found a picture of Bill Talen outside Norwich Starbucks... Downloaded the best of Queen to my Iphone.

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