Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Sleep, They say they have no time for me.

Thought I would chance by the Theatre Royal, see if I could get a cheap ticket to go see Philip Glass. No such luck, I was told there were only 35 UK pound tickets left. I'm not paying that, I'm a skinflint !!! Instead, I just so happened to have DLed Koyaanisqatsi to my Iphone. I sat drinking coffee watching the people pass in the rain to the repetitive tones in my head.

I've also DLed the kanji and kana apps for iphone. I'm finding them great.. In fact it's quite worrying how I can plug my Iphone in and listen to music browse the Internet. No need to even look at anyone let alone speak. In the evening I watched the whole first series to Nathan Barley. Watch it, it's the shit !!!!

Emmanuel Goldstein mentioned on his radio show about kicking a old woman in the shins. Sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing. It's so wrong. I myself was bad the other day, I accidentally lost it at rush hour from the train station. I hit a business man just as he was about to walk into me. It was a rather hard strike with my thumb firmly pressed into his gut. Four other people previous to him had pushed into me, and I just lost it, I'm such a TWAT. There's someone I really want to slap, and I guess the business guy bore the brunt of my bitterness. I have started to meditate again daily on loving kindness, because I have definetly forgotten what it means. KEEP IT FOOLISH !!! YEAH !!!

This footage really mooved me today.

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