Saturday, May 23, 2009

Butterfly~ I'm Home Soon...

Haven't checked my tenancy agreement yet, but I think I will move or go back home soon. I would rather not go back home. Somethings got to give soon and quickly.

Walked about Norwich see if anything was happening with the sustainable event. Nothing, I guess I got-up too late. Waiting for the bus I bumped into Steve and Adam again. Adam creeped-up on me and was pretending to attack. I moved into a defensive stance and when I realised it was just Adam being a knob, I felt silly. It wasn't like full blown Karate stance but just natural defensive. Still, I think the only way he will stop is if I actually kick him in the nuts or something.

At Steves we watched Zardoz. It was very 70s, with bad acting and sound. It was quite good actually.

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