Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Careless Conundrum

First thing this morning I went to the UEA campus post room. My DVD on Allan Johnston's documentary has arrived. Like usual I travelled into the city for coffee and maths. As usual nothing happened in the city, though lately I have slipped into my old ways of not caring too much. I must suffer fools, in order to stop myself from following them. I know this, I know you know I know this. But sometimes dude I could really let rip on someone. The odds are that when or if it happens, it will be some poor unsuspecting individual that never hurt a living soul.

Returned to my room after restocking my fridge with food to watch the DVD. The documentary was so funny. It wasn't supposed to be funny, but sometimes you had to wonder if this guy was for real (he is.) It was like a spoof Peter Kay at times.

The Allan Johnston DVD came under the recommendation from a friend, Karamoon. I have been following karamoon's tweets lately, and connected to a live discussion on talkshoe. Nobody was sure but someone was breathing heavily into their mic, like Darth Vader had arrived. I sometimes worry that Karamoon sounds a bit like he's talking down to people. I'm sure he knows best...

I had to go out again. I'm starting to look slightly insane again. I decided to go buy fish 'n' chips. At the chip shop I sat at the table next to an old man, both of us no place better to go. 'cept he will be dead soon, lucky him don't know)???

On the bus home I sat in front of two Japanese women. It was really difficult pretending I wasn't listening to their conversation. I understood some :) It would be stupid to use Japanese for the sake of showing off, but sometimes it's tempting to just blurt-out random Japanese phrases...Hahaha!!! IT'S WRITTEN ALL OVER MY FACE!!!

Something should have been said today, I wanted to. I had to stop myself, I didn't feel I had the right. So I'm sort of saying it here...

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