Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Mad Existence~ Don't Keep Your Distance

Community University Engagement (CUE) East was set up a year ago. Norwich and Norfolk Sustainable Living Festival outlines practical living in a sustainable way. Thanks to a public engagement project run by the University of East Anglia.

A brief walk around I saw:

  • The Butterfly Effect map – Climate Change and the Norfolk Broads.

  • A guy trying to get people to compost their waste.

  • One of the people on the Fair Trade stall offered me fair trade chocolate, then proceeded to gather all the Indian people he could find for a group photo. (a bit odd)

    My mobile rang, it was Steve. He said I had just walked past him in the street, and we ahould meet-up. Steve and Adam had been drinking, and seemed to be on a early bar crawl. I joined them. We went from pub to pub slowly becoming drunk. Steve somehow managed to blag samples of real ale from each bar we visited. Pretending to be interested in the taste.

    Finally we went to Wensum Lodge to listen to a free folk music event which consisted of a IRA terrorist. And a bloke that I see in Marzanoes. (He was playing a right handed guitar left handed.) And a young girl who turned-out to be aged 35 ~ hmm, interesting, she attempted to play music in a loop. I've listened to alot of Philip Glass recently I became interested. I'm obviously no expert but I think there was potential for some good songs there. But I have to say when she just sang and played without the FX it was pretty good. What the fuck do I know :/

    Well, almost a life worth living today..Good.

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