Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Are My Murderer

On the way into the city today I noticed a policeman running down the central reservation of the inner ring road. He was running towards a crowd that had gathered, there was what looked to be an immigrant family standing around their kid, who I guess must have been run over on the way to church.

Saw an old work college today. He was walking his 10 year old in the park outside my building.

Well that's my shit life. Exam tomorrow, I've already failed, it's a given.

Sometimes I like to walk past this asian guys office, late at night. He's always there working !!! Everytime I walk past it makes me want to try harder. Tonight I walked past he was having a power nap, curled-up into a ball on the floor Heh_ I did wonder whether he had collapsed, but no, he was definitely asleep. I returned from my long walk to see him again back, working at the PC.

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