Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ghost train

Been bad. Crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. As we all crossed the road between a trafic cue of cars, a woman in her Corsa slowly edged forward hitting my leg lightly.

It doesn't matter how lightly she hit me, it could only happen to me. She shouldn't be moving at all. What gives her the right to drive into people ? No matter how lightly. I continued walking but as always, inside I was screaming to tear her out of the driving seat, and god knows what. Bastards !!!

Nothing today, walked around sniffing the air and knocking on peoples doors. If that makes any sense to you ???

Read about MD5 hash algorithm signatures on precompiled executables. And how it's a good idea to compile your executables from source when tricking antivirus software. Yawn !!!

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