Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Basics

Went for tuition with Robot. I had a crash course in integration for one hour.

Paper friends have arrived in the bank. Immediately I went to buy lots of tea. I bought a pack of organic Yerba Mate tea and some Lap sang. The tea shop in Norwich also sell the Gourds (Think that's right, can't be bothered to check.) The round silver containers with a silver straw in which you drink Mate tea. I also noticed some kind of Buddhist shrine behind their counter. Bloody Buddhist and tea, what is that about ???

After a cup of Mate tea, then bowl of noodles. Then, a cup of Lap sang tea (what more could I ask for ???) I have to do some revision work. DO REVISION GODAMIT !!!!

Last night I sat on a cold wall for an hour. It was a nice night, the wind making rustling noises with the leaves on the tree. I felt there was an energy, a reason for being there. Still, makes a change from running until your half dead.

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