Monday, May 11, 2009

Laugh in your face

Got haircut,

Took introductory computing exam.

She's been back in the country less than 10 hours. Already I've been thrown into a fit of depression. I should be revising for maths exam tomorrow, my focus has been disturbed. I think he's laughing at me. Why do I give a fuck, she hates me, he's laughing at me. I should ignore them and get on with it.

I feel like I'm going insane. I could tell a situation was going to happening today, just by observing the people around me, passers by. They were acting different(maybe the white shirt ?). That's mad !!! But it's the truth... I FUCKING NEW IT BEFORE IT HAPPENED, AND IT DID !!

I managed to eat something, I seem to have lots of food. But I suddenly don't want to eat. Been doing chin-ups and watched this Pob clip like 20 times now.. Oh, yeah, and now I own an Iphone.

Sat for a few hours in silence. I want to shave my head, think it might be a mistake.

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