Friday, June 05, 2009

Mexican Wave

Went for a walk about. Saw the free-runner people again... They're getting pretty good. One particular guy I keep noticing ever since I last saw him run-up quite a high wall. They really love themselves !!! And they probably should. They took turns to launch themselves off a park bench and perform a forward somersault. I would have Ustreamed them or asked for an interview. It would have been good work...

Walking through campus Steve called. Steve and his mate were sitting in the Union bar. Steve bought me a pint, I couldn't return the favour as I didn't bring money. Still, I didn't feel too bad, as I made that meal for him. Steve's mate Andrew is actually quite cool, surprisingly !!! Some other people came-over to speak, but I just stood laughing in the right places in the conversation, looking like a prick with my EeePc under my arm. After a couple of hours I left to go sit in my room.

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