Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Nerve of the Curve

I received an email from Fen the lady from Beijing. What a surprise !! She is staying with her niece who runs 'Chopsticks' the noodle bar I always visit.

Last night Hugo the guy in the room next to mine knocked on my door. It was about 2am, I was expecting him to complain about the music I was playing or something. I opened my door to see Hugo standing there with his suitcase. He handed me his room key and said that he was leaving. I wished him a good journey and we shook hands. He seemed nervous. I was thinking maybe he was doing a runner and not paying the rest of his rent LOL. I doubt that's the case. Later, after trying to sleep, I thought I would check-out his room. There were three large plastic bags full of stuff. Being a Pikey I rummaged through the bags and found myself some Starbucks' mugs (don't like Starbucks, but I'll give them to my parents) A bag of nut chocolate sweets. Some tins of French Pate.(don't eat meat) I left the flip-flops Hahah !!! (but I had to think about that one ;) Some paper clips and board pins. There was also a book on chemistry, but I left that too.

Had another bad lonely day today, I sometimes think I can feel her arms around my shoulders, best to try forget. I always said I wouldn't ever let anyone get to me again... Reading her last email to me, there's no sign of any intention never to see me again. She ends with " see you soon :) " IT MAKES NO SENSE !!! Maybe I scared her. Went for a walk around the BBC curve theatre. Took some photos just incase I forgot some of the worst days of my life, still to get worse...

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