Friday, June 26, 2009

Love Bus

Went to norwich, did maths... Thought about shit, random chaos. Yeah, it took me some time but i think I get it. Without random thoughts there are no new ideas. Just the same shite constrained within its set boundaries. Logical processes, modeled within a systems can't without chaos explore new avenues and concepts. Just correlate patterns within the algorithm + test data. It's not new ways of doing things. Just making broken ideas more streamline. that's not good..

imagine getting on a bus filled with everyone you have known. You travel for awhile nobody is speaking, then you get off and the bus drives away. I don't mean to complain (I do actually) but that's a representation of my life so far. I'm supposed to make stuff happen, but I can't see stuff happening anytime soon. I'm looking around and every single other person has someone to talk to.. wtf ?? (selfish I know)

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