Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wont You Tell Me Your Name

I bumped into Alex, who I haven't seen for sometime. Alex was nice enough to buy me a coffee in Starbucks as I didn't have any money. He asked me advice on what to do about going bald. I had to tell him straight, there's only one thing you can do; shave your head like a Neo-Nazi and grow a big beard, then sit-back and wait for the love to come rolling in. Though it would work well with him, he's very well read and highly intelligent. I felt a bit of a dork because I didn't have much to say for myself and I wanted to show Alex something to do with my laptop, which failed due to low battery charge. After seeing Alex I felt slightly shaken from my apathy which can only be a good thing. He's one of the good guys, very pleasant to speak with.

Cleaned the bogs at the Buddhist centre. I always offer to do the bogs because it's sounds like the worst task that needs to be done. It's like a form of self imposed punishment.

Something went wrong on my last attempt at food shopping. Last time I went to the local supermarket I thought I had picked-up the cheapest bag of potatoes. Somehow I picked the wrong bag and payed way more than I expected, what made things worse was the words, 'product of Israel'. Not interesting...No really, Not interesting.

Walking home I saw Mark waiting to pick-up passengers. We had a good talk, he's still having trouble with his car. We haven't been to Narc for over a month now.

It started to rain ..hard. I walked home looking like a drowned rat... So funny, I walked past the dude who always stands outside his art gallery. He was standing out of the rain under a canopy, dressed smartly in his pristine white suit sipping tea from a small cup and saucer. He watched me as I trundled past in the rain, dripping wet. DRUDGE SQUAD!!! YAY !!!

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