Friday, February 20, 2009

Sly Fox

I was going to spend the day looking for a Part-Time job. There's no point in asking face-face at the local supermarkets, they all have applications online.

One application involved a personality test...obviosly it wasn't too bad. Here's the result:


Your score of 9 on the Agreeableness scale means that you are actually a very sensitive person. You are probably quite an emotional individual in the sense that you are aware of your own and other people's feelings. You would almost certainly place the needs and feelings of your colleagues at the top of your priorities. Indeed, you would generally be seen as a caring and compassionate person who wanted to put people and their needs first. Clearly, this suggests that you would be at your best where relationships and empathy were important, but it could also mean that you sometimes find it quite difficult to deal with colleagues or customers who might be less sensitive in their manner.

You have scored 4 on the Conscientious scale. This indicates that you might not always be particularly organised or structured in your approach to work. You might not be particularly concerned with procedural matters that you believe are unnecessary or unimportant, and you could occasionally overlook or ignore the small regulations or details that you see as irrelevant. You might well tend to concern yourself with what you see as the broader aspects of your role, rather than with the small and detailed tasks of your everyday duties. Most of the people who are successful in roles at B&Q stores have a high regard for procedures and getting details right, but you might find some of these requirements to be quite restrictive.

You have achieved a score of 6 on the scale of Conformity. This suggests that you are a fairly orthodox and conventional person who conforms to the accepted rules of social behaviour. You are likely to be comfortable in both formal and informal atmospheres and probably would not have a very strong preference for one over the other. You are likely to prefer changes in the work-place to be small and gradual rather than large and fast. Because you would value the best aspects of established ways and techniques you would probably be wary of anything that appeared to be too unconventional. Even so, you are probably not the kind of person who actively resists change, providing that you can see its purpose. Indeed, you would probably welcome innovations where you could see the obvious benefits. All in all, therefore, you would generally fit best into those work environments where changes were usually gradual and evolutionary.

Your Extroversion scale score of 3 indicates that you are generally more of an introvert rather than an extrovert and that when dealing with other people you could sometimes be seen as rather reserved. Indeed, you might not enjoy a job that required you to initiate social contacts with lots of unfamiliar people, so you might not be very suited to dealing with lots of customers who wanted your advice.

You would probably tend to approach your duties in a calm and considered way which means that you could carry out repetitive and routine tasks to a high standard. As you would probably value steadiness and some predictability at work you would be likely to enjoy any role that required a measured approach rather than an impulsive and ever-changing environment. This could mean that you disliked some elements of working in a very hectic B&Q store at peak times.
Emotional Stability

Your score of 8 on the Emotional Stability scale suggests that you are generally a fairly confident and optimistic person who would express your thoughts and ideas openly in most situations. You have quite a strong character which means that you could probably be quite assertive if you thought that you needed to be.

You're likely to be quite enthusiastic and would probably approach your work with a fair degree of ambition. You would probably be fairly decisive in most situations and if confronted with problems at work you would generally be able to make most decisions on your own without asking for help from your superiors. You are, in all probability, quite resistant to work related stress. Indeed, not only could you cope with most pressure, you might actually find that a limited amount of stress at work acted as a good motivating force.

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