Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Less We Say About it the Better

(broken keyboard) Had one of my strange nightmares last night. For some reason when I awoke, I had the feeling that I had to go to the train station, so I did. It wasn't until I was on the bus traveling into Norwich, I realised a thought from my dream, that was of someone saying to me, "I saw you at the train station." I don't know what I thought I would find there, and no surprise, nothing! I just had this odd feeling that I had to go. One thing I noticed is the new barrier they put across the concourse.

Walked to the Forum to do some maths and a little C programming. The music they play in that place is dire, still you can't complain, can you?

Back in my room I received a phone call. "We're outside, come out." I didn't actually know who it was, and I hadn't arranged to meet anyone. I looked outside and there was no-one there- Eh? After a couple of minutes I took another look outside to see Adam and Chris; two of my course mates. Apparently we had arranged to go look at a house to rent. They have asked me to move in with them, mainly because they cant find anyone and I'm their last choice, as Maginde's parents told him he has to remain on campus next year.

We walked bloody miles through housing estates to find the house, which was currently occupied by three Chinese people. After knocking we entered, I felt a bit weird, it was eleven in the morning and they were still in their pajamas eating breakfast. They still had a Christmas tree in their front room Heh_ Well anyway, the place was in a bad area, and was too small.

We sat on the side of the road waiting for the bus back into town. Chris kept playing the song, 'Don't worry be happy' from his mobile; it was like being in a badly made film.

Before going our separate ways Chris and Adam bought hot dogs. While waiting in the queue we received some abuse from some Chavs.

Adam and I returned to the UEA to sit in my room watching "Monkey Magic", Yes another productive day..

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