Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Are You Going to DO ?

Might start posting again soon...
At the moment I really can't see any point in continuing with anything..
Things I have done, and things I'm supposed to have done..
Someone once said it was good to see a dream, I tried to see a dream. I imagined it, and tried to make it happen. It never happens !!! I seriously think I'm cursed and more...

Been playing with lego robots, programming them with Not Exactly 'c'.
Writting about Alan Turing using Latex.
Programming basic C++. G
etting very confused in math lectures err... I mean doing more integral calculus. Installed Texnix on my Eee, but in German :/ (It forces you to learn German.)

Maginde came 'round, I lent him loads of DVDs, we watched episode seven of 'Generation Kill' from HBO. He stood the whole time because he thinks I'm going to stab him ? :/ He says I'm like Jack the Ripper. Thanks, I hate myself as it is..

Morrisey was on the Johnathan Ross show. I hate it when people moan and write about women on bloggs, though it is tempting. Especially when the person you think of way too much, is someone who doesn't even like you.

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