Friday, February 27, 2009

I like Your Pole

Attempted to update my CV. There's just an endless list of rubbish jobs, done previously. Yesterday there was mention of part-time work in an office.

Met Steve in the CMP common room to discuss our presentation. We didn't get much done, the presentation has to be a convincing argument on switching UEA education and research software to open source.

I mentioned:

chaos computer club CCCTV
Richard STAllman
Linus Torvald

I don't think anyone listened or I didn't explain properly.

A young girl sat in front of me on the bus today. I mention this because I was nearly violently sick..Heh. Her perfume was so stRONG!! At first not too bad, but the more I tried not to breath the worse it got. I actually felt ill and had a headache, I guess I could have just moved to another seat, but I didn't want to offend. All day the smell was impregnated into my mind, even after shower I could taste like it had invaded my internal organs, no exaggeration.

Went for coffee and martial arts. At the coffee shop a woman asked me what was in my bag. When I explained it was a Bo staff I felt I had to explain further. "It's for martial arts." She then started saying sorry and looked uncomfortable. Then she wanted to know what martial arts, lucky enough it was my turn in the queue to be served, I dodged the question.

At Budo I was shit, I cant even master the basics. It's good to be very critical of yourself, but, every week I get worse.

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