Monday, February 16, 2009

Dishy on a Little Fishy

Things have been better today. I received a surprise message from someone. Not sure what to make of it yet, though it cheered me up immensely.

Went to study skills lecture. We had to discuss how well we thought a report on facial mapping was written. It was good, mainly because it gave me the chance to speak-out in front of a group; which I hate doing. But... hadn't the guy prepared a proper lecture or something ? The report was given to us to highlight key points at the start of the semester. Strangely, this morning I threw loads of paper from my room away, including my highlighted copy of this report. DOH!!

Borrowed a book on 'Latex' from the library. Sadly, I got excited to see rolling shelves. I've only seen rolling shelves on telly' before, and my little head was getting really excited to be using them heh wtf? I wondered how many people had been crushed for a joke in them. It's all so predictable Heh...

Now writing my report on Alan Turing. Outlining four of his most important published papers, three of his algorithms, his education and career. It has to be written in three A4 sheets; that's not possible.

Sources I will use are:
Google Scholar.
The book 'Essential Turing'.

Today it became law not to take photgraphs of the police. I think that's right ? You can now be sent to jail for this ?

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