Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Book Look Took!!

Despite getting up in time this morning, I ran to catch the bus. the reason being, I had to move my old car from our driveway. It wouldn't start, I finally managed to give it a bump start.

Did cleaning at the Buddhist centre. There's a social meeting they have every last Friday of the month. I was asked if I would like to go. Although it's never a good choice for me to go to pubs socially, and because the people going are mostly Buddhists, I might actually go.

Bought a book on Solaris 8 from Oxfam for two UK pounds. Though the book was published in 2001, and is out of date. It will still be a good read.

Oh yeah, and what was the bad thing!! hmmmm...

WTF.. it's one in the morning and the whole house has shaken... the bed I was in shoke backwards and fowards it was like a minor earthquake. I can't make sense of it, could it have been a low flying aircraft : /

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