Friday, June 03, 2011

The Projects

It was the last day for 'CMP Third Year' project selection. I was supposed to discuss my selection with the supervisor but haven't. All three of my selections are with the same supervisor and security related.

Went shopping in Norwich City centre for a new bowl as I've managed to smash most of my kitchenware on our kitchen floor. Didn't buy a bowl, instead, I bought a chopping board a sharp chopping knife and a reduced in price tea-pot... GOOD-JOB !!!

I'm now sat in my room eating a box of FAB ice-lollies.... I really tempted to buy a Macbook... If I keep putting it off, in time I shall forget. But the University have just opened a MacLab. It's been sponsered by Apple; I gues to try and encourage us to use their products.

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