Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Badest Ballad of Bad

Today was Pentecost at Norwich Cathedral, apparently. After listening to the 'Bishop of Norwich' deliver his sermon and listening to the choir I creeped out just before you have to do that hand-shaking thing and wish people well. There was no easy way-out. So I had to hurdle the red rope obstructing my exit. The nice lady that sometimes speaks to me saw, and came rushing over to help. Even though I could have easily managed stepping over the rope, I had now caused a slight kerfuffle as I appologised not wanting to offend her. "See you next week", then I made my escape.

Outside Neros, as I drank my morning coffee there were lots of teenage girls sat on the floor outside H.M.V. Five large security men dressed in black supervised them. They were waiting for J.L.S whoever they are ?

Did some C++, of which I should be good at by now - I'm not....

I have my operation tomorrow. I'm not too sure how I feel about that. It will obviously be strange to have a piece of metal supporting my collar bone.

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