Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seriously Trust You_

Met with mum today, I walked to the bus station my head throbbing with toothache. I have been looking for a Barbie Umbrella as a Christmas gift to my niece. I really hate Barbie toys and everything about them but if that's what I'm told to get I will. The other day I went to Toys 'r' Us, but had to walk-out as they wanted me to leave my bag with them at the front desk. Being asked to leave my bag with people has started to happen more and more recently, after I was asked the very same thing at the Library. Mum and I did Christmas shopping and she also bought me loads of painkillers. I have absolutely no money left. If I could remember my pin code for my credit card then I would use that. After a cocktail of prescription drugs I am feelling much better.

I'm really angry with many people I know, and it's strange because even though I like them, when I think too much about my shitty life and how it isn't what I want, I get angry and stop myself from breaking my fist against the wall. I have many hurdles to overcome within my life.

It pain's me to say it, but, if I've trusted you; then I considered you intelligent enough to keep quiet, but I don't think you have been. There's no nice way of saying this but, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!"

I realise how dodgy this post looks. But it's just an over reaction to some minor issues. Heh ...73

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