Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Depressing Heading, Worthless

Whilst speaking with my cleaner the Greek fool came over to tell her he was leaving. He told her about some boxes he had left in his room. She wished him well, and told him to take care of himself. After he had gone we went to have a look at his room. He had left torn boxes everywhere, with food all over the floor and desk. Old tins in the bathroom, the toilet had pubic hair and piss all over the bowl. I hope I never see him again.

Went to meet Steve at 10:30 at Dol che Vita (Sweet Life), we drank coffee and talked about maths and old television programmes. He asked me about my sister, and was she married. I told him no, and that she is a gay. He said, "oh, I'm sorry about that." I looked at him confussed.

Later I went into the City and after a coffee bumped into Yuko. I pretended to look at some magazines in a magazine shop and books in the Library, then we went for tea and cake at the Greenhouse. Yuko talked about her masters dissertation on women in India. After we travelled home on the bus, Yuko said she was going to her friend's house.

When I returned to my accommodation the electricity was off so I travelled back on the bus into the City. I walked to Cinema City to see what films were showing, I didn't like what I saw.

Walking away quickly, I then stood on a street corner for three hours in the rain. As I had time to kill, I practiced some surveillance on a building. I had the ideal spot standing in the porch of a church. I had complete observation of all exits and entry to the target building. It was ok until an elderly couple arrived. The church I was using was to hold an event, and the elderly couple had arrived early. They didn't seem to worried I was on my own, and standing in the dark with a scarf wrapped around my face. Infact, they thought I was waiting for the doors to open too. I managed to chat to the lady while I maintained my observation.

After three hours of waiting for nothing and nobody I then walked to Prince of Whales Road to go eat vegetarian pizza. On the bus home I held my head in my hands and kept stopping myself from mummbling 'basteds' to myself.

I'm now home and trying hard to keep my grip on reality. Remember, Happiness is a choice, allegedly. I'm so fucking tired of liars, I've got no time for them. Why is it impossible for me to make just one honest friend- I give-up.

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