Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happily Ever After..

Yuko was supposed to be meeting me today to give back some DVDs. She later sent me a Txt saying she wasn't able to. I called Alex to ask for the DVDs he has of mine. For some reason it wasn't possible because he has to go work at the cinema or something.

Walked around Norwich, bought some food. I was walking to the supermarket to buy biscuits when I chanced upon a fight. Some guy was being attacked by two twats. I decided to intervene. While one was arguing with the bloke, who was on his own, I tryed to calm the other. I could smell the alcohol and he was asking me if I thought I was hard. A bus driver stopped and he was pulling at my elbow. I thought he thought I was one of the people fighting. He said, " get on the bus," and winked. The bloke being hassled got on the bus and I followed. With Twat1 banging on the bus window we drove back down the road where I had just walked. Hhehe.. it was strange, I was wondering to myself what the hell am I doing on this bus. heh!!

I then got the biscuit and went home, thinking about my little story for today.


And We All Lived Happily Ever After.

Oh, I had a suprise visit from Yuko, she gave me a Christmas card and some noodles. I haven't had a Christmas card from someone for years, other than family. It made me happy, yes, happy, heh.. We watched some Japanese comedy and Yuko showed me a bizzare American Christian kids puppet programme 'The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson'.

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