Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walking for Nonsense

Didn't have anything to do today 'cept maybe some mathematics calculus. I have no money, I was going to use my credit card, but the bank played another trick on me and fucked me over again. Even though I payed off the balance last time I checked, they added some interest without telling me and now it's interest upon interest and 2 quid turns into 30 quid.

So I'm not spending any money all I can do is use my pass to ride the bus into town. Thought I would go check when the Christmas service at the Cathedral was on from the schedule. I ended up walking very slowly around the Cathedral in meditation. I must have looked like a weirdo but nobody said anything, just coughed, whatever!! I continued my slow pace out of the Cathedral onto the streets. Walking a Little faster now, I found because of my peaceful slow pace I noticed my surroundings more and the intentions of other people. If that makes sense, I'm not prepared to explain anymore nonsense for you. :D

Met up with my parents outside the Forum. We had coffee, and they told me how they had been watching the local news yesterday and were shocked to see me on some old footage about a protest a year ago.

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