Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I can't beleive my cleaner walk in to my study room this morning whilst I was stark bollock naked. I admit I had slept in - and should have been up and ready. She first knocked on the door but before I had time to answer her the lock was being opened. She entered looking down at the floor, grabed the bin, emptied it, appologised and left locking the door behind her. I'm still amazed even now. I just sat on my bed naked from the waist down staring in disbelief. Rupesh the Indian guy nextdoor was locked out of his room. She had entered his room and locked the door behind her. Rupesh was in the kitchen making breakfast. On his return he found himself locked-out.

I'm feeling quite good. Bought some second hand army surplus running shoes for 10 UK quid. Managed to do some situps. Not too many but I'm beginning to start training again.

Walking through Norwich market I heard someone call my name. It was Mike, someone I haven't seen in some time. We went for a chat in the local coffe shop. It seems that he has started talking to a Chinese student and doing her work for her. He said he quite enjoyed having her around and since she keeps sending him papers to read, he has been learning quite alot. We also discussed education and Aspergers.

Went to UEA to collect my proposal. I'm happy with my mark - infact I think it was quite generous.

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