Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are not a Loan

It was a very warm night. I realised I had the heating turned-up fully. Just didn't sleep - though I wasn't too bothered :) as I stated. There has been a small change to my lifestyle - for the better I think.

Woke early - Dalma had ordered a taxi for 6:30 am. She has lots of toys and clothing to sell left behind by her previous housemate. We packed two large bags into the taxi and traveled to a 'car boot sale' held on the outskirts of Norwich. When we arrived we were told where to pitch our wares. Dalma unpacked her stuff along with the rest of the traders with their white vans and cups of coffee from the burger van. Because it was still early morning it was quite cold. Condensation kept forming on the plastic bags and CD covers. We wiped the merchandise clean with tissues as best as we could. Dalma made some money, though I thought she would have made more and I think she thought so also. Surprisingly !! Everyone started to pack away at about 12 noon. The pitch was supossed to be until 2pm. We eventually packed the left-over stuff back into bags and went to look for a busstop. As there were no buses running on a Sunday Dalma ordered a taxi.

Back at accommodation I finally got more sleep. I woke at 16:00 feeling more revitalised. Tomo was preparing sushi in the kitchen, it was his turn to cook this weekend. The sushi of course was great...

It has been a great-day !!! I know - I said something positive for a change :)


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