Saturday, November 05, 2011

Look at the Stars

Well, it's been a interesting couple of weeks - there has been a change...

Though my work is suffering badly. I tried to write a 'literature review' which ended badly. I really need to master how to write good Latex documents. My problem was that I spent far too long reading the book 'Six Degrees - The Science of a Connected Age'. There are some nice references in the back pages, and it did give me some clues to a good direction to follow. I emailed Greg - my supervisor, and I hope he might help me get my arse in gear.

Not really worth mentioning but I became more of a sheep and bought an MacBook Pro - I got a virtual Machine windows partition running... and visual studio. I need to be using it more. I'm liking it but still a bit embarrassed to be seen with it in public.

Still really love the place that I'm living. I hope to be cooking for the people I'm living with soon........... I will attempt the BBC goodfood 'fish pie'. fingers crossed !!!

Need haircut... badly !!!

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