Monday, October 10, 2011

No Sweat

I've moved back to Norwich. I'm now sat in a dark study room in UEA accommodation. The accommodation is situated off campus and looks like a prison cell block. Generally there is a smell like a Berlin metro station. I've met most of the five other people living here. One Japanese man, one Indian man and two women one of which is Chinese. They all seem lovely and I'm pleased. While I was moving my stuff into my room around the corner came two men that looked like Disney cartoon characters of a pair of criminals both holding dog leads with Bulldogs. The thing is - I was walking up a small stairway as they appeared at the top. The two Bulldog were snuffling near to my face. I was quite taken a-back. They mumbled, " ees.. all right." just like cartoon characters complete with dark fishing jackets, shaved heads, short stocky and stubble... funny.

My supervisor emailed me suggesting I use my own social circle to test my third year project. He doesn't know I don't really know or speak to many people... I hope to speak with him tomorrow. Really need to get this proposal done and remember how to use Latex.

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