Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hello Alan - Norwich Bookshop Waterstones

Went to the first lecture of Japanese language. As expected it went terribly. I think the lecturer already hates me.

I've spent too much on books today. I bought the romanized edition of 'Japanese for Busy People' despite having already bought the Kana version - I also bought the workbook and a very expensive book on System Networking.

I had forgotten the date and was reminded by a crew of workmen that were busy building a stage in the centre of the bookshop that no-less than Alan Partridge would be making a appearance at around 18:00 pm. I purchased a copy of his book and waited around until 18:00.

I went for a coffee and when I returned at around 15:00 a small queue of Partridge fans had already started to form. I joined the end of the short queue to wait a further three and half hours. The girl in front of me had travelled three hours from Nottingham to meet him and seemed to know everything about him. Whilst we waited a Big Issue sales man took the opportunity to try sell us magazines. Towards 18:00 o'clock the queue had reached way round the corner. I couldn't see the end.

Finally as we were lead into the bookshop in front of the stage- I was near the front in the third row. Alan made his appearance posing down the escalator- book in had. He read some chapters from his book that made everyone laugh. Just amazing how he stays in character. I stood mesmerised as I watched the real Alan Partridge before my eyes. For the book signing he wore a latex glove so as not to catch anything from the great unwashed his adoring fans. Of course my meeting with Alan was ruined by the stupid security next to him trying to get me to pose for the camera that was not there. (I hadn't brought one with me - and I don't have a mobile.) Alan signed my book and went to shake my hand, but Ah Ha !! I was too busy being distracted by security. He said thank-you Richard and that was that.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you really met Alan. I'm sooooo jealous.

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- KaraPhoon