Saturday, October 08, 2011

Yo Douché !!!

Been travelling on the early bus from Holt into Unversity. The bus becomes quite packed. I tend to close my eyes and meditate - there some interesting smells as people board at each stop. Hair laquer, chewing-gum, puke !!! I opened my eyes after noticing the puke smell. The bus had just stopped to pick someone up - I assumed the smell was from them. But no, I noticed the girl sat infront had her head turned slightly towards the window. She looked uncomfortable as she had bile smeared across her cheek. There was nothing I could do for her as I tried not to alert others so as not to embarress her.

A young school boy sat next to me on the bus. Aside from the puke smell - the smell of the bus and sat next to the school boy reminded me of when I use to travel to school by public transport.

When I arrived at UEA I noticed the fly to my trousers was undone. I must have been exposing myself all this time without noticing, I hope nobody else did too.

Did a Japanese Oral class - it was crap. Nobody wants to speak. What was interesting was that a chinese girl that I previously had noticed was there. I noticed her because she seems to be very nervous looking. She hadn't brought the correct book with her - as of course, I own all books I let her share mine. When she gets nervous her leg shakes rapidly. Another thing is that she literally puts her head into the book when reading. I tried to make her feel more at ease. I tried sometimes fucking things up when asked a question - I hoped this would make people more willing to make mistakes. (obviously they just think I'm a twat.)

I found a room - well it's more like a prison cell. Literally the walls to the room are bare grey brick work. A cupboard and a desk. I move in on Monday.

You Sushi opened in Chavfield - I'm doing my best to ignore it...

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