Saturday, October 01, 2011

Local yokels

My sister and her family hired a beach hut at Old Hunstaton'. I drove mum and dad to Hunstanton using my dad's new "Tom-Tom sat'-nav'." It's been something he's been wanting for some time. For some strange reason I have never been to Hunstanton, let alone the beach. We walked along the sand-dunes looking for my sister - mum found this quite tiring, so I set-off ahead to make things easier.

I eventually found the beach hut in prime position next to Hunstaton RNLI and the cafe my sister hired the hut from. Another couple had joined them who also came down from Leicester. Notable moments were :

walking almost half a mile to the sea shore - as it was low tide.
walking on old razor shells and trying to avoid crabs 'n' star fish.
a slightly odd smell from the sea
The RNLI hovercraft being called into service
Three people said thank-you to me... (that never happens)
A wedding party with lots of Russian people- released paper lanterns into the sky- in daylight .. why not at night ? eh- ?

I imagine the beach would have been better if the tide was in... Nice warm relaxing day.

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