Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where's Your Jumper ?

Completely unorganised, need to get stuff done - caught bus into Norwich. At UEA I went straight to Dr Milner's office. I asked if I could sit-in on his 'Sound and Image' lecture.

Really interesting lecture and lab' session 'Discrete Fourier Transform'. IF lecture is to prepare students for the coursework - to create a speech recognition phone dialing system.

Went to Sainsbury centre of Visual Arts to look at the 'John Hedgecoe Exhibition'. I have been meaning to go for some time, and was glad that I did. There's some nice prints - (I assume he prints all his own work.) My eyes are so bad !! I inspected each and every print closely. Then made a return visit glancing pictures that looked the most pleasing.

Another heatwave - why am I wearing this jumper ???

I plan to go to a lecture at 6pm about Japan's earthquake disaster - I'm only going because I think my Japanese lecturer may be there.

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